Tuesday, January 30, 2007

rewriting bukowski

now, i've never read any bukowski, and I have a feeling that his misogyny and my feminism will never see eye to eye, but i'm completely fascinated by Crazy Mike's rewriting of one of his books & using it as a sketchbook. Mike's LOVING A DOG FROM HELL reworks, edits draws and rewrites the pages, and is being thoroughly, lovingly documented (as photojournalists tend to do) on his blog. I've not gotten a chance to flip through it myself, but im enthralled.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


it only took 3 months, but i completed the lace weight merino shawl (in willow!) for D.'s birthday (in Nov.). I probably started around October 1, and it was blocked in Christmas Day. I thought i'd post pics since it's by far the biggest project i've enver completed. it's got to be like 10,000 stitches. its funny to think of knitting as being lots of tiny tiny knots.

no idea why this is sideways.

next project? I don't know! something fun! any suggestions? a cute spring/summer top maybe? not too dowdy & not too obviously hand-knit. something fresh. im a dork.