Monday, October 29, 2007

other party

zombie julia child is making braaaaaaiiinnns crepes. for your mother-in-law.

more pics here.

halloweekend party

gracious hosts Astronaut Jones and his bustalicious martian babe

bun-in-oven and tourist new baby-daddy.


bjorks heart sexy chef

halloween picmails

patterson ave. pumpkin

nurse ratchett hair

puppies love you.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Night Walks

Walked around Prospect Heights with s.m. last night, there was a nearly full moon and cool air and it was great.
Came across a film shoot, all the trailers, a huge Arri truck, and knew something was happening. The permit posted said the film was 'Righteous Kill' but i'd never heard of that and was wondering if you could put pseudonyms on the permit. Everyone here is abuzz about the new Cohen brothers movie Burn After Reading with Brad Pitt and George Clooney, so we pushed our way thru - not really there wasn't much security so we just wandered in.

But no, it was Righteous Kill, stars none other than Al fucking Pacino and Robert fucking De Niro; Scorsese is rumored to be IN it, along with 50 Cent and John Leguizamo. Some hardboiled New York cop crime drama, not the metalhead horror flick we were assuming based on title. We might have seen a scene involving Shirly Brener or Trilby Glover or some other blondie standing on the stairs of a brownstone. I really wish we'd hung around a little more.

Monday, October 22, 2007

secret vegetable! (butternut squash)

Once, Dave received a 'secret vegetable' in the mail, the previously unknown butternut squash, a hard winter squash from the Hampshire College CSA share i had with Mod 80.
Unknown, as in 'What the fuck do i do with this?!' Because soup or mash w/brown sugar can only be tolerated for so long, because it is cheap as hell and in season right now, here is what you do:

Butternut Squash-Black Bean Tacos
serves 3
  • find a small butternut squash in the fridge where you are housesitting, at the farmers market or grocery. if you are feeding more than three, get a big one!
  • chop it in half with the biggest knife you can find. watch your fingers, these things are hard! peel the skin off - it will help to cut it into even smaller pieces. some schmancy stores sell the squash cut/peeled already, but using this method also uses more packaging, so forget it.
  • cut the peeled chunks into small pieces - about 1/2" cubes.
  • get out a big frying pan and heat olive oil in it over med-high heat. add the squash, try to make sure its only in one layer on the pan. Saute squash about 8 min until it's nearly fork-tender and browning.
  • while squash is sauteing, mash 2 cloves garlic, chop fresh sage, and slice a red bell pepper. when squash is tender, add all to the pan.
  • Continue saute about another two minutes, till peppers are soft, then add 1 can black beans, with most of the water drained off.
  • season with the juice of half a lime, hearty shakes of cumin, salt, pepper, hot sauce, adobo powder, whatever else you like.
  • When everything is hot and delicious eat with corn tortillas, guacamole, tomatillo lime salsa(if you're feeling like you love my recipes), cheese and on the couch in front of trashy television like Cribs, garbage pop videos, The Office or Dr. Who. or at the dinner table discussing your day, politics, art, and social constructs, like normal people.
House-sitting for a friend in Prospect Heights, and it's changing my whole attitude about New York. Of course, it helps that she has an effin YARD that includes a patio, sage & roses, a blue jay, & a Sunday morning wedge of sunshine to sit in while you eat breakfast and listen to the church bells. While she seems to have scored a good deal for a small apartment with a yard and a short walk to the subway, it's all relative, and dave and I would both have to be earning three times what we are to afford it. Sad!
But, this fake living in Prospect/Crown Heights has made me feel more excited about the potential to live in Brooklyn for longer than three months.
Went to the Farmer's Market Saturday, and made out like a bandit with local apples, yellow wax beans, garlic, red chard, red pepper, green grapes, cheese, tomato, pear cider and wheat boule. $20. The strange fall weather is putting tomatoes and fresh corn on the same table as winter squash. J & I feasted on butternut squash-black bean tacos before freely-poured wine at Patio Lounge. Tonight: something with yellow beans &/or chard.

Friday, October 19, 2007

movies on a rainy day!

wowee-wow-wow! there's a lot of cool movie news today!

1. Spike Jonze (director, Being John Malkovich, assorted music videos for bjork, rem, etc.) and Dave Eggers (writer, McSweeny's, A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius (which actually just might be)) have be shooting an adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are due out December this year. 'Someone' has leaked a still of it and it looks beautiful! can't wait for the trailer!

2. "Twin Peaks" gold box edition. oh god. i want it. all episodes, two pilots, effin POSTCARDS, and oodles more. Not to mention, it's full of secret-filled coconuts, checkered rooms, and dancing midgets. i heard that gum you like is coming back in style. if you're shopping for it too, amazon's got it for $65.

3. Star Trek XI: Wherein Kirk Loses His Virginity & Becomes An Intergalactic Slut. Im a nerd. i blame juliana for my thinking its ok to like this show. there's a new movie coming out, a prequel to the original set of movies, showing Kirk and the gang at Starfleet academy! oooh! honestly, i'll probably netflix it, but they've cast real trekky Simon Pegg (Sean of the Dead) as Scotty, and a teen heartthrob (and former L.Lo co-star) is Kirk. amazingly, both Leonard Nimoy and the bad guy from Heroes are playing Spock. Very illogical. Will this manage to be as full of racial stereotypes as the original? only time will tell.

4. Movies I want to see:
My Kid Could Paint That - silverdocs alum Amir Bar-Lev's doc about a young girl who might be a genius painter, or maybe her parents are fakers. you decide!

Darjeeling Limited - the latest from Wes Anderson. three brothers owen wilson, adrian brody and jason schwartzmanon, a train trip, with the always elegant angelika houston as their nun-mother, and another excellent soundtrack by Jim Dunbar.

Random aside! Dunbar is apparently also doing the soundtrack for an upcomng narrative adaptation of the Maysles' bros. cult documentary Grey Gardens starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange! omg!

Wristcutters - A Love Story - a roadtrip in purgatory? Tom Waits as some kind of sage? im intrigued!

coming soon: No Country For Old Men. the new one from the Cohen Bros. and a return to their darker days. looks scary, about a guy killing for fun, and unlike anything i would normally go see. out Nov 9!

ok, thats a lot of movies. now that the sun is out (briefly i think) im off to eat some food. another productive day at the office!

Friday, October 12, 2007

al gore, peace prize winner

You've probably heard well before reading it here that Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize, along with the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -
"for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change."
Now, I agree that this is a very important issue, vital to the survival of the Earth, at least it's survival in a way that makes it still inhabitable for the rest of us. And, that Gore, and An Inconvenient Truth has been a good face for the movement, somehow giving a kind of red-carpet celebrity cred to usually dry science. But is it worthy of a Peace Prize?

Is Al Gore, made of the same kind of stuff as the Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King Jr, the Quakers, the Red Cross and other non-violent leaders? Is global ecological stability the same field as peace? Some have argued that drought and the resulting population displacement are the catalyst for the war in Sudan, so if atrocity like this could be prevented by reducing greenhouse gasses i suppose that is akin to peace. but, is it the same? be continued with a rant about why Dems should stop worrying about Gore as the top candidate for POTUS. get over it...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

life plan?

PurgeandSerge boldly posted her life plan this week for the world to see. a life plan is scary; do i really want to commit, on paper, or even mentally to hard goals to achieve? what if i don't accomplish them; then where will I be? what kind of goals are appropriate for a life plan? should a plan necessarily have deadlines? Isn't the five-year plan for yuppies and bankers?

but, i do sort of have one. Mostly, it involves being happy and creatively engaged in my life and work and having a plant-filled porch, stoop, balcony or even a yard, definitely a cat and probably a dog & my inspired and satisfied fellow, and could even include some brilliant and unique munchkin of mine running around (but not for a good chunk of years), in some city, somewhere. a good view of the moon and stars at night is preferred. Piles of money gained thru surprise inheritance or the Virginia Lottery are optional.

I went to a psychic this weekend and she told me to make three wishes & tell her two. i sort of made up some bullshit on the spot, because a wish seems a lot to think about and i don't really wish for things. I mean, i wish for the new Puma Ferro boots that are hot and $400, a vacation to somewhere beautiful like the Icelandic hot springs, and other obtainable but not really financially reasonable desires, but i don't think a hot autumn wardrobe was the wish she had in mind.
Am I supposed to wish for big things?
I feel like all the things i want are, for the most part, within my grasp, and if they're not, no wishing will make it true. was I supposed to wish for peace? for that big pile of money? Not that she really could have helped me, she's not a genie, and mostly 'Mama R' was a lot of showman ship, but she did prime me for an upcoming meeting with another gifted friend, sometime soon...

so, what do you think, am i just a hardened cynic and a realist? do you have three grand wishes?

give me a break.

Apparently, Warner Bros. president of production has decreed that "We are no longer doing movies with women in the lead." Can we all say "What the fuck?!" loudly and in unison? This per the Deadline Hollywood Daily blog (Huffington Post cited it, so perhaps it is really true?). ugh. apparently their reason (blatant sexism) is the declining box office - definitely the result of casting women as leads, and not just green-lighting terrible, not believable, trite and recycled films.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

the best thing i've eaten this week (so far)

Rickshaw Dumpling's Chocolate Shanghai Soup Dumpling.
Mochi stuffed with liquidy chocolate rolled in black sesame and fried. hot, sweet, chewy, delicious.

Close 2nd: Juliana's veggie tomato sauce. fresh and savory. thanks!

(thanks internet for this photograph)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

in continuing with my theme of hidden evil,

Ii'm pointing you to the notorious Crazy Mike's Maine-based photoblog, in which he shows that he lives between good and evil, and that the devil drives a dirt bike.

woodland creatures

if i had a yungun, or if i loved someone that did, they would always be getting knitted toys like this one from the latest knitty:

because amorphous creatures living in a tree are everyone's favorite.

then again, maybe it's a great, lightweight prop for a Log Lady halloween costume.

Why Am I obsessed with David Lynch today? ("My Log has something to tell you.")

david lynch hearts gucci?

Selected for his "holistic ability as an artist," strange film auteur David Lynch has done a perfume ad for Gucci.

Looking not unlike Inland Empire, lights flicker and women dance alone in palatial rooms to Blondie's "Heart of Glass," thou they're more brightly lit than typical Lynch fare. Unlike IE, the women don't have Lynch's favorite look of 'a woman in trouble' thou it seems he wishes they did. The fear and trepidation of real trouble never glimmers behind the model's eyes. Dressed in Gucci's trademark brown satin and talking on antique telephones, these women just seem a little drunk.

Nevertheless, when a major filmmaker, known for bizaare, scary, nonsensical films, undertakes a 30-second spot for haute couture, it's worth a look. Is he broke? Is he throwing himself into work after a breakup with his wife? Is he model-hunting? Or, does he just love any opportunity to work with beautiful women, a full crew, and on someone else's dime?

In other Lynch-related news, did you notice that Leland Palmer (Laura Palmer's dad on Lynch's Twin Peaks; Ray Wise to his family), is playing the Devil on the CW's new mad-cap soul-stealing comedy "The Reaper"? Directed by Kevin Smith (Clerks), it's no short leap to assume that Smith cast Wise because of Twin Peaks, and his strange and disturbing performance as the Season 2 embodiment of Evil BOB (hope I haven't spoiled the ending for you). Smith is a sucker for an obscure pop culture reference (me too). And honestly, BOB is one of the scariest villans ever. Even this photographgives me chills and I might have to take it off the blog; i just can't have him creeping around down here.