Monday, October 22, 2007

secret vegetable! (butternut squash)

Once, Dave received a 'secret vegetable' in the mail, the previously unknown butternut squash, a hard winter squash from the Hampshire College CSA share i had with Mod 80.
Unknown, as in 'What the fuck do i do with this?!' Because soup or mash w/brown sugar can only be tolerated for so long, because it is cheap as hell and in season right now, here is what you do:

Butternut Squash-Black Bean Tacos
serves 3
  • find a small butternut squash in the fridge where you are housesitting, at the farmers market or grocery. if you are feeding more than three, get a big one!
  • chop it in half with the biggest knife you can find. watch your fingers, these things are hard! peel the skin off - it will help to cut it into even smaller pieces. some schmancy stores sell the squash cut/peeled already, but using this method also uses more packaging, so forget it.
  • cut the peeled chunks into small pieces - about 1/2" cubes.
  • get out a big frying pan and heat olive oil in it over med-high heat. add the squash, try to make sure its only in one layer on the pan. Saute squash about 8 min until it's nearly fork-tender and browning.
  • while squash is sauteing, mash 2 cloves garlic, chop fresh sage, and slice a red bell pepper. when squash is tender, add all to the pan.
  • Continue saute about another two minutes, till peppers are soft, then add 1 can black beans, with most of the water drained off.
  • season with the juice of half a lime, hearty shakes of cumin, salt, pepper, hot sauce, adobo powder, whatever else you like.
  • When everything is hot and delicious eat with corn tortillas, guacamole, tomatillo lime salsa(if you're feeling like you love my recipes), cheese and on the couch in front of trashy television like Cribs, garbage pop videos, The Office or Dr. Who. or at the dinner table discussing your day, politics, art, and social constructs, like normal people.


D. said...

I have three of these beautiful squashes in a bowl on my DR table at this very moment. They keep well, look somellow, and at least one is destined to become a soup this week or weekend. I hear they make the most delicious creamy soup when sauteed, combined with some other veggies. Blend and then add half-and-half!Let me know if you need the recipe. Will it FINALLY be cool enough for soup??

Dave Smooth said...

I can happily confirm the deliciousness of this recipie.

Andrea said...

Hi, I'm the owner of, from which you borrowed the photo of a butternut squash. Would you please either save the picture to your own server and link to it from there or remove the hotlink of the photo from my site? Right now you're using the bandwidth that I am paying for!

Otherwise I'll have to remove the photo from my server.