Friday, June 13, 2008

its early. im rambling.

oopf. it's been a while.
im secretly blogging from the ifp narrative lab. it's the last day and the inspiring Lance Weiler is talking about how to distribute and market films on your own. if you want his secrets you'll have to wait for his book, read his website or see him speak.

i'm trying to get my writing brain back on after months of not blogging and mostly just watching films, 40-50 each for the narrative and documentary labs, early into the 250+? i need to watch for the spotlight on documentaries program.

mom's in NY this weekend and thinking about guerilla art shows, affordable art fairs, walking, talking shopping and eating, family dinner w/ her and friends. glad that the elevator in my building is running again, and grateful that d. got us a deal on an a/c yesterday. we're on the far side of a heat wave but i'm sure it's not the last time.

heading to silverdocs next weekend to blog for filmmaker mag. and to enjoy it as a civillian for the first time ever. looking forward to seeing lab alum Wild Combination, a doc about art collectors Herb and Dorothy, the new Herzog film and the shorts programs - will they be as quirky as when i was there? excited to see my friends in DC that weekend and hopefully have a great beer at granville moores. is sticky rice on h st open yet? will it ever open?

i've done a lot of name dropping here, so hi to everone that has a google alert for these things...