Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Doc It Out blogger Agnes Varnum, and former SILVERDOCS & IFP staffer writes a great overview of the IFP Market in IndieWIRE today, if you're interested!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We Eat Brooklyn

Saturday we walked and ate and drank all day. Woke up leisurely, got coffee at my daily stop The Wyckoff Starr and walked thru Bushwick down Knickerbocker to the M train. It's like a foreign country there - cheap stores & lots of fancy sneakers, everyone speaks Spanish and there are old men selling snow-cones with real scraped ice and real pina syrup. (snow cones are on the list for next weekend's eating). The M train is above ground, so we took the scenic route across the Williamsburg Bridge and into Chinatown.

Destination: The Donut Plant.

Have you ever eaten a donut before? maybe not until you've had one of these monsters. they are so good, and written up in nearly every foodie mag. A white peach-iced donut alone might be worth a trip to NY. Dave was in bliss with a tres leches cake donut. Nearly $20 also got us blueberry jelly, peanut butter+jelly, coconut creme, valrhona chocolate, a coffee and a damn good iced chai. also a serious sugar buzz.

Walked it off in Chinatown, hunting for the elusive Indian Mango (it remains elusive), and decided to head to the shadier (with trees) Park Slope. Indulged in window shopping and shoe-trying-on and made our way over to Biercraft. Made out like bandits with 4 kinds of beer, including a growler of Chelsea Sunset Red which we finished with a munster + yellow tomato sandwich on chewy bread and Zapp's honey bbq chips back at my place. Whew! time for a nap!

Feeling refreshed, D+I met Corey, a photographer, and Juliana, a for more beer in Williamsburg at divey Cyn. Polished off the evening with late night slices from Vinnie's Pizza, owned by Hampshire alums, and experts on deluxe pies - black bean avacado; vegan sausage + BBQ sauce; avacado nacho slices and fresh mozz-tomato-basil. yes please!

yum. im full just reminicing.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

fresh edamame

Thank you Sushi Taro for being the best in DC! (pic: my last wednesday in DC, with the rest of the transformer gallery staff out of frame)

new york

feh. it's overcast & meloncholy out. i've finally moved into the troutman ave place & the room within where i'll be staying. it does have a window, one up on the other rooms in the apartment. It looks onto a parking lot and the apts next door. i need a proper curtain & a dresser & to get organized & not be meloncholy. im still mostly in flux, i don't have a desk a computer or an email at my new job. ive just realized that I forgot to pay a bill, i have bellyache (off yogurt?) and all other other things that pile up and make even normal days seem low. i shouldn't bitch, i suppose, there's lots of good folks here that i like, and now i have to choose my plan for tomorrow between seeing SUPERBAD and going to a SXSW/IFC film premiere - free drinks and socializing with potential employers/'industry peers'? or getting rowdy with friends and seeing a funny movie/escapism?
(pic: view from the window of the IFP)

Friday, August 10, 2007

my new hair icons, the baltimore derby girls.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

lovejoy garden plot

tomatillo flower and my finger

'flying saucer' squash leaves with some powdery mildew and spined soldier bugs

out of focus cellphone camera pics

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

iced coffee

in summer, i live on it. i've already had 2 today, and im looking forward to a third if i ever get home from doing laundry.
we made cold brew coffee; it seems good so far, and way easy:
-put 1 cup coarse ground coffee beans in a 4-cup not-metal container
-pour 2 cups cold water over grounds
-cover; let sit overnight/12 hours
wake up, prepare & drink hot coffee (unless you can do things before coffee)
-strain the coffee sludge through a fine mesh sieve and a coffee filter
now, use this as a concentrate added to water, 'to taste,' add ice and whatever else you need (khalua (for evening!)
i'll update after i get to that third one later,...

Wednesday: made iced coffee out of 1/3 concentrate, 2/3 water in a full glass of ice - amazing! im a cream & sugar coffee drinker, but the rumors are true. With cold brew coffee, there's no need for such things! Drunk black, it's mellow and delicious, nearly sweet and a little nutty and the whfds french roast has hints of chocolate. can't wait to try it with fancier flavored roasts, and homemade khalua!

Friday, August 03, 2007

i quit my job. my friend connie has a trampoline. i am briefly unemployed; soon i'll just be underemployed, living in a mystery apartment in brooklyn. i want to do more with my blog but being bored makes for a boring post.

d + i had passes for warped tour. we stood on stage while bad religion tore it up and the guy in who's backyard we've been drinking whipped young men into a frenzy with powerful guitar antics. being a rockstar is definitely cool but, what does it feel like to have fans half your age? to be on tour to make a living? living out of a bus designed for a 1980s coke+porno-loving country star instead of a homebody rocker? living in a bus with 8 other dudes? living out of a bus where you can't flush the toilet? and drinking endless PBR & smoking free cigarettes? having a runner at your beckon call (for drugs? or just for trips to the hardware store)? travelling the world? adoring fans and the odd warped-tour groupie trowling the bus lot in an outfit inappopriate for outdoors. if anyone needs a merch girl, i could be available.