Friday, August 03, 2007

d + i had passes for warped tour. we stood on stage while bad religion tore it up and the guy in who's backyard we've been drinking whipped young men into a frenzy with powerful guitar antics. being a rockstar is definitely cool but, what does it feel like to have fans half your age? to be on tour to make a living? living out of a bus designed for a 1980s coke+porno-loving country star instead of a homebody rocker? living in a bus with 8 other dudes? living out of a bus where you can't flush the toilet? and drinking endless PBR & smoking free cigarettes? having a runner at your beckon call (for drugs? or just for trips to the hardware store)? travelling the world? adoring fans and the odd warped-tour groupie trowling the bus lot in an outfit inappopriate for outdoors. if anyone needs a merch girl, i could be available.

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