Sunday, July 22, 2007

tomatillo salsa with lime

1. get 1 quart of tomatillos from the farmers market at RFK Stadium parking lot
2. peel papery skins off tomatillos and wash well - they are sticky!
3. cut tomatillos into bite-size pieces
4. put tomatillos in sauce pan with water to cover. bring to a boil then turn down to simmer until tomatillos turn dark green and the flesh is soft. drain well.
41/2. while the tomatillos are simmering, finely chop a medium-sized onion.
5. after you drain the tomatillos, mix the hot fruit with the minced onions.
6. spice, to taste, with:
-hearty dash of Uncle Brotha's Fire Sauce #9 - chili verde, garlic & ginger (or more to taste). yum.
-pinch of cumin
-big dash of adobo seasoning
-juice of one lime
make it as spicy or citrusy as you like. if you're not blessed with fire sauce #9, you can use any raw hot pepper (put it in with the raw onions before the tomatillos) or another chili sauce. If you prefer a less chunky salsa, you can buzz it in the blender for a minute.

Serve with lime tortilla chips or on grilled veggie + black bean tacos.

Friday, July 20, 2007

dick in a box

just got nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics," naturally.
...then you open the box!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

public art in the strangest of places

went to atlantic city this weekend, a strange place full of contrasts - the illusion of wealth over serious poverty, mainly. strangely, there was a Peter Max art billboard on the boardwalk. the psychadelic and christ-like mural is out of place among the faux-glitz and practically art-free remainder of the boardwalk. the washed-out color is nice, thou im not sure if this is his intention (his work is usually much brighter) or just a faded print-job. it is significantly better than the blank wall that i understand used to be there.