Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We Eat Brooklyn

Saturday we walked and ate and drank all day. Woke up leisurely, got coffee at my daily stop The Wyckoff Starr and walked thru Bushwick down Knickerbocker to the M train. It's like a foreign country there - cheap stores & lots of fancy sneakers, everyone speaks Spanish and there are old men selling snow-cones with real scraped ice and real pina syrup. (snow cones are on the list for next weekend's eating). The M train is above ground, so we took the scenic route across the Williamsburg Bridge and into Chinatown.

Destination: The Donut Plant.

Have you ever eaten a donut before? maybe not until you've had one of these monsters. they are so good, and written up in nearly every foodie mag. A white peach-iced donut alone might be worth a trip to NY. Dave was in bliss with a tres leches cake donut. Nearly $20 also got us blueberry jelly, peanut butter+jelly, coconut creme, valrhona chocolate, a coffee and a damn good iced chai. also a serious sugar buzz.

Walked it off in Chinatown, hunting for the elusive Indian Mango (it remains elusive), and decided to head to the shadier (with trees) Park Slope. Indulged in window shopping and shoe-trying-on and made our way over to Biercraft. Made out like bandits with 4 kinds of beer, including a growler of Chelsea Sunset Red which we finished with a munster + yellow tomato sandwich on chewy bread and Zapp's honey bbq chips back at my place. Whew! time for a nap!

Feeling refreshed, D+I met Corey, a photographer, and Juliana, a for more beer in Williamsburg at divey Cyn. Polished off the evening with late night slices from Vinnie's Pizza, owned by Hampshire alums, and experts on deluxe pies - black bean avacado; vegan sausage + BBQ sauce; avacado nacho slices and fresh mozz-tomato-basil. yes please!

yum. im full just reminicing.


PurgeandSerge said...

goddamn, that sounds so effing good. i can't wait to walk around brooklyn in a couple of weeks!

Dave Smooth said...

damn, we did eat really well didn't we? i just need to point out that the tres leches doughnut was not only iced, but filled with sweet sugary goo.