Tuesday, August 21, 2007

new york

feh. it's overcast & meloncholy out. i've finally moved into the troutman ave place & the room within where i'll be staying. it does have a window, one up on the other rooms in the apartment. It looks onto a parking lot and the apts next door. i need a proper curtain & a dresser & to get organized & not be meloncholy. im still mostly in flux, i don't have a desk a computer or an email at my new job. ive just realized that I forgot to pay a bill, i have bellyache (off yogurt?) and all other other things that pile up and make even normal days seem low. i shouldn't bitch, i suppose, there's lots of good folks here that i like, and now i have to choose my plan for tomorrow between seeing SUPERBAD and going to a SXSW/IFC film premiere - free drinks and socializing with potential employers/'industry peers'? or getting rowdy with friends and seeing a funny movie/escapism?
(pic: view from the window of the IFP)

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Aavarnum said...

I'm not sure the party helped. Maybe bowling, or seeing Milton's bowling trophy? I bet he'd bring it in, if you ask. xo