Tuesday, August 07, 2007

iced coffee

in summer, i live on it. i've already had 2 today, and im looking forward to a third if i ever get home from doing laundry.
we made cold brew coffee; it seems good so far, and way easy:
-put 1 cup coarse ground coffee beans in a 4-cup not-metal container
-pour 2 cups cold water over grounds
-cover; let sit overnight/12 hours
wake up, prepare & drink hot coffee (unless you can do things before coffee)
-strain the coffee sludge through a fine mesh sieve and a coffee filter
now, use this as a concentrate added to water, 'to taste,' add ice and whatever else you need (khalua (for evening!)
i'll update after i get to that third one later,...

Wednesday: made iced coffee out of 1/3 concentrate, 2/3 water in a full glass of ice - amazing! im a cream & sugar coffee drinker, but the rumors are true. With cold brew coffee, there's no need for such things! Drunk black, it's mellow and delicious, nearly sweet and a little nutty and the whfds french roast has hints of chocolate. can't wait to try it with fancier flavored roasts, and homemade khalua!

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