Friday, October 19, 2007

movies on a rainy day!

wowee-wow-wow! there's a lot of cool movie news today!

1. Spike Jonze (director, Being John Malkovich, assorted music videos for bjork, rem, etc.) and Dave Eggers (writer, McSweeny's, A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius (which actually just might be)) have be shooting an adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are due out December this year. 'Someone' has leaked a still of it and it looks beautiful! can't wait for the trailer!

2. "Twin Peaks" gold box edition. oh god. i want it. all episodes, two pilots, effin POSTCARDS, and oodles more. Not to mention, it's full of secret-filled coconuts, checkered rooms, and dancing midgets. i heard that gum you like is coming back in style. if you're shopping for it too, amazon's got it for $65.

3. Star Trek XI: Wherein Kirk Loses His Virginity & Becomes An Intergalactic Slut. Im a nerd. i blame juliana for my thinking its ok to like this show. there's a new movie coming out, a prequel to the original set of movies, showing Kirk and the gang at Starfleet academy! oooh! honestly, i'll probably netflix it, but they've cast real trekky Simon Pegg (Sean of the Dead) as Scotty, and a teen heartthrob (and former L.Lo co-star) is Kirk. amazingly, both Leonard Nimoy and the bad guy from Heroes are playing Spock. Very illogical. Will this manage to be as full of racial stereotypes as the original? only time will tell.

4. Movies I want to see:
My Kid Could Paint That - silverdocs alum Amir Bar-Lev's doc about a young girl who might be a genius painter, or maybe her parents are fakers. you decide!

Darjeeling Limited - the latest from Wes Anderson. three brothers owen wilson, adrian brody and jason schwartzmanon, a train trip, with the always elegant angelika houston as their nun-mother, and another excellent soundtrack by Jim Dunbar.

Random aside! Dunbar is apparently also doing the soundtrack for an upcomng narrative adaptation of the Maysles' bros. cult documentary Grey Gardens starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange! omg!

Wristcutters - A Love Story - a roadtrip in purgatory? Tom Waits as some kind of sage? im intrigued!

coming soon: No Country For Old Men. the new one from the Cohen Bros. and a return to their darker days. looks scary, about a guy killing for fun, and unlike anything i would normally go see. out Nov 9!

ok, thats a lot of movies. now that the sun is out (briefly i think) im off to eat some food. another productive day at the office!

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