Tuesday, October 09, 2007

life plan?

PurgeandSerge boldly posted her life plan this week for the world to see. a life plan is scary; do i really want to commit, on paper, or even mentally to hard goals to achieve? what if i don't accomplish them; then where will I be? what kind of goals are appropriate for a life plan? should a plan necessarily have deadlines? Isn't the five-year plan for yuppies and bankers?

but, i do sort of have one. Mostly, it involves being happy and creatively engaged in my life and work and having a plant-filled porch, stoop, balcony or even a yard, definitely a cat and probably a dog & my inspired and satisfied fellow, and could even include some brilliant and unique munchkin of mine running around (but not for a good chunk of years), in some city, somewhere. a good view of the moon and stars at night is preferred. Piles of money gained thru surprise inheritance or the Virginia Lottery are optional.

I went to a psychic this weekend and she told me to make three wishes & tell her two. i sort of made up some bullshit on the spot, because a wish seems a lot to think about and i don't really wish for things. I mean, i wish for the new Puma Ferro boots that are hot and $400, a vacation to somewhere beautiful like the Icelandic hot springs, and other obtainable but not really financially reasonable desires, but i don't think a hot autumn wardrobe was the wish she had in mind.
Am I supposed to wish for big things?
I feel like all the things i want are, for the most part, within my grasp, and if they're not, no wishing will make it true. was I supposed to wish for peace? for that big pile of money? Not that she really could have helped me, she's not a genie, and mostly 'Mama R' was a lot of showman ship, but she did prime me for an upcoming meeting with another gifted friend, sometime soon...

so, what do you think, am i just a hardened cynic and a realist? do you have three grand wishes?

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PurgeandSerge said...

i am touched to have a wee cameo in your blog! i'm also touched that you took my life plan somewhat seriously.

somehow, some way, fuzzy animals and delicious homemade food WILL be involved. that's all i know.

i'm going to see a psychic when i got to visit my mom next week. i'm apprehensively eager.

three wishes is really hard! all i can say is a hot fall wardrobe is totally one of mine too, so don't feel bad about that!