Wednesday, October 03, 2007

david lynch hearts gucci?

Selected for his "holistic ability as an artist," strange film auteur David Lynch has done a perfume ad for Gucci.

Looking not unlike Inland Empire, lights flicker and women dance alone in palatial rooms to Blondie's "Heart of Glass," thou they're more brightly lit than typical Lynch fare. Unlike IE, the women don't have Lynch's favorite look of 'a woman in trouble' thou it seems he wishes they did. The fear and trepidation of real trouble never glimmers behind the model's eyes. Dressed in Gucci's trademark brown satin and talking on antique telephones, these women just seem a little drunk.

Nevertheless, when a major filmmaker, known for bizaare, scary, nonsensical films, undertakes a 30-second spot for haute couture, it's worth a look. Is he broke? Is he throwing himself into work after a breakup with his wife? Is he model-hunting? Or, does he just love any opportunity to work with beautiful women, a full crew, and on someone else's dime?

In other Lynch-related news, did you notice that Leland Palmer (Laura Palmer's dad on Lynch's Twin Peaks; Ray Wise to his family), is playing the Devil on the CW's new mad-cap soul-stealing comedy "The Reaper"? Directed by Kevin Smith (Clerks), it's no short leap to assume that Smith cast Wise because of Twin Peaks, and his strange and disturbing performance as the Season 2 embodiment of Evil BOB (hope I haven't spoiled the ending for you). Smith is a sucker for an obscure pop culture reference (me too). And honestly, BOB is one of the scariest villans ever. Even this photographgives me chills and I might have to take it off the blog; i just can't have him creeping around down here.

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