Monday, September 24, 2007

Went home to this weekend and was happy to see that our community garden plot was overflowing with the tomatillo plant. Good to get into the garden and squeeze the papery husks trying to figure out what a ripe tomatillo might feel like, pick green-beans and see what our neighbor-growers have going.

With our bumper crop and two batches of Tomatillo-Lime Salsa under my belt, dave, jen & I made a tasty, citrusy Tomatillo Ratatioullie with 1 medium homegrown eggplant (stolen from a lazy harvester), a glut of tomatillos, 1 can diced tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil, cheap white wine and wholepaycheck's 'sicilian spiced' green olives (with mustard seeds?). pretty tasty served with polenta and some Chimay hard cheese. a fine end to the last day of summer.

Dave finally found a suitable case for the theramin he's been working on all summer; so stand by for his photos & hopefully sounds of that... I love that so much is home-made here; somehow there is time & space & creativity to make all sorts of homebrews (including dave's recent endeavor with our bumpercrops - basil infused vodka). basil-lemon beer to follow? I miss the falling apartment, and I can't believe that the Chois (our bodega-running Korean landlords downstairs) are thrilled to see me and give me free bottled water on my depart. Dave & I are like their weirdo foreign kids. It only reminds that this is where i'd much rather be; if only the rest of DC were so inviting....xoro

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Dave Smooth said...

wow. WAY more wires than i expected..
where do they all go??