Thursday, November 15, 2007


happy birthday mom! nice cake, L!
carrots from the lovejoy garden. we grew these! thanks earth! thanks dave for buying seeds!
Korean lunch at a place with a waterfall and white piano. glass noodle mushroom stirfry, tiny sides of two kinds of kimchee, spicy tofu, ambrosia salad, smoked shrimp-something yummy, fish cakes, pickled jalapenos... followed by a barbie pink 'strawberry' bubble tea. thanks amy!
awesome maker of a doclab film about origami sent me this today. anyone know what this kind of shape is called? it's 5 interlocked pyramids - a 20-point star? thanks vanessa!


VideoRose said...

vanessa says the shape is called an FIT, or "Five Intersecting Tetraheda"

Michael said...

Cant say in how many places the picture gifts are popular but yeah they can certainly make a difference when they are transformed as Photos on canvas. Those who have already seen this would know what I am talking about, its something that everyone of us would ideally love to have.