Tuesday, January 22, 2008

performance art

It's Performance Week at Meat Market Gallery, and strangely, two friends from Hampshire are performing together - Megan Palaima and Liz Rosenfeld doing who knows what from 6-7p on Friday and at the closing party on Saturday. I'll be there Friday, wanna go?
Other friends Breck Brunson and the Yay! Team will be performing throughout the week, too, but as I'll be slinging pizza, i'll miss those. If you're liz or megan, and have a crafty google alert for your own name, hi! long time no see! wanna get a drink while you're in DC?
I asked a friend to invite her newish potentially uptight date to the performance with us, but she declined. Is inviting a new friend to see performance art an unfair test of character?

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