Saturday, February 23, 2008

its my last night in DC right now (except for all those other nights). im about 3/4 packed, clothes mostly, not so much the long list i've written of other stuff I need. it's hard to leave town when you're both a) really only gone 10 days before you're back again & b)moving out of state... eventually. but soon! not to mention c: traveling on the bus & staying on your best friends couch.

so, i should be packing but im not. i'm also avoiding: voicemail, telling my landlords we're moving out & doing the dishes. I cannot get Lucero's "Last Night In Town" out of my head. I'm taking bad cellphone pics like this one and trying to get going. i just dyed my hair and it's alright. im wearing a moustache to a party tonight. possibly also a unibrow. and false lashes.

but first, i have to pack.

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