Monday, October 06, 2008

recent photos in my life

from: Maya - 'this guy is having the best day ever'to: Lauren - 'your 'Lil Guy' is up at my desk. your new semi-permanent installation in New York.'
From: Dave - 'i bought us a delicious monster'
from La Chapelle's new show. think i might have seen the model nic-fitting like a motherfck in front of the gallery.
to: family - 'hello from coney island!'
from: Lauren - 'happy labor day' / to: lauren - 'who's the new boyfriend?'
from: Lauren - 'i dreamed we made a movie again and filmed it in front of this store with the octopi'


Anonymous said...

he's not my boy friend just a friend who is a boy, but scandalous none the less!

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