Monday, August 21, 2006

dear diary,

how could i possibly have waited this long to post something on the internet. how will the world find me? i mean, sure, i'm just writing for myself at this point, but whatev. you love it.

today's lunch:
brought: black-bean, pepper & onion enchiladas.
seemed tasty but was tricked into going out to eat huevos rancheros, salty salty chips and too much soda. why do i always go out to eat something similar to what i have brought?

stay tuned for recipes, peach ice cream, knitting, and general orneryness. that is not a bird, but kind of sounds like it might be. but here's a strange birthday party:


It never really was said...

Oooh I had enchiladas with mom for lunch! Link to my half-ass blog

Dave Smooth said...

this one time, a dog was following me home from work. i said, "hey man" and the dog said "hey". then i said "what the F? a talking dog?" then the dog punched me in the face and took all my money and cigarettes. which got me thinking, is the space program really worth all this money?