Thursday, September 07, 2006

glorious summer

I became obsessed with the idea of my grandmother's peach icecream. I made my mom dig up the recipe, and the hand-crank icecream maker. Below, my documentation of the making-of in the lazy middle of the week at the beach.

1. find hand-written recipe in ancient cook book. peel apart & type for archival

2. convince someone else to find you that hand-crank maker and a mental image of your ancient grandfather bent awkwardly over it using all available muscle to churn it for an army of impatiently waiting kids.

4. make peach soup.

5. marry peach soup to the maker.

6. add ice.

7. grind endlessly

8. it's all worth it for the creamy goodness.

9. scoop.

10. devour.

11. rest.

12. repeat.

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