Friday, September 22, 2006

i heart brooklyn

what's up? im sitting now in the Perch Cafe in brooklyn killing time (my fav pasttime) and sitting outside enjoying the first day of fall.

i've just discovered that the NYC Dept. of Sanitation has an artist in residence - Mierle Laderman Ukeles. Amazing. she does work with the Fresh Kills Landfill - the highest manmade hill in the world (you can see all our garbage from space!), among other things & has since the 70s. crazy artists - i love you.

i've been in NY all week for the IFP Market - a film festival for work-in-progress films - mostly documentaries. I saw lots of great stuff, and of course some not so great. met good people & generally schmoozed, something i'm not so great at but am working on.
overall, NYC's been full of shopping:

::Kid Robot - Chappies & Smorkin Labbits (right)
::Brookyln Industries - a black & purple velvety coat i want but doesn't fit
::Ben Sherman - A black funnel neck peacoat i want but doesnt fit
... p.s. - why am I - a mostly normal sized girl - too big for even the XL coats at the cute designers shops? hello - designers! I have (some) money to burn! why aren't you letting me?!
::cheese & beer heaven called Bierkraft - they fed me a delicious sandwich and I could have stayed there all day.
::endless boutiques

next on my list is records... and i'm always hunting for that mysterious new/old album that i know i want when i see it but just don't know what it is. feh.

so... what's up with you?

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