Thursday, September 28, 2006

pick your passion

Left to Right: LaScala, Violetta, Contessa

now choose a color:
and if that's not enough check out here. let me know what you think!


d-artfull blogger said...

Rose, You are amazing! You make a mother proud. I think my first passion would be Violetta in Willow. But I do like Contessa and Aubergine. (La Scala seems a bit too lacy I think) Which color would give you the most pleasure as you live with it for how ever long it takes to knit? what a beautiful range of colors they have!

estrojenn said...

La Scalla in blackberry...for sure!

It never really was said...
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It never really was said...

I think the Violetta in which ever color goes with "someones" complexion.

Conner said...

I think the Violetta is lovely. Maybe once it arrives we should schedlue some solid KNIT time so I can pound out this scarf by halloween.