Sunday, January 04, 2009

a delicious year

2008 although strange & difficult in many ways, was a great year in the kitchen for us. Aside from simple meals like cheese grits with Uncle Bruthas hot sauce, desserts containing booze, meals with friends that make us say 'we are so good at this!' & a tattered Joy of Cooking bringing the old fashioned American baked goods like biscuits & pie crust back into our house, there's been a number of all-day cooking extravaganzas and adventures in eating this year. Partially, I think this is because of our decreased pocketbooks and increased interest in sustainability, self-sufficiency, and decreasing the amount of food waste we create. Partially, it's because of our gastronaut leanings, wanting to explore all the kinds of things we can eat and prepare and the challenge of stretching a meal or ingredient as far as it will go, deliciously.

Best things I ate this year that I didn't cook (in no order):
Cheese Columbo with Eggplant from Coppola's (Richmond)
Virginia's Japanese Pickles (so spicy! send reinforcements!)
Juliana's French Onion Soup (blissfully vegetarian and so cheesy!)
Mom's biscuits (why are they so much better than mine)
Conner+Ben's PB Fudge
Baked Tagliolini with Mushrooms at Ciprinani's
Bonnie's Veggie Burger is still the best I've found in NYC & their fries w/ chipotle mayo (suggestions on competitors welcome)
hibiscus beer on tap at Beer Table - wish i could remember what it was called!
wild figs from Virginia's yard
lavender donuts from Donut Plant
Dave's lavender butter on apple pancakes (this recipe from a dream)

... probably there's a lot more that time and shoddy memory are forgetting... so to all those that fed me well this year - many thanks! come on over and we'll cook you up something good in return.


jordan shoes said...
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ohyouknowocto said...

-Mom's biscuits for sure
-Pepperoni/mushroom pizza from 8 1/2
-Lavander donut from Donut Plant but also the chocolate pudding one!
-An appetizer of some super salty feta cheese with a kalamata olive and mint leaf at an opening at UR
-An extremely gourmet sandwich (turkey, stinky cheese, avacado, tomato, spinach, mayo/mustard) from Bierkraft, Brooklyn
-Jumbo slice when I was drunk.
-Maya's crazy rosemary squash pasta thinger
-Maya's apple cider porkchops
-VA's Japanese pickles
-Watson's famous bbq chicken
-Some crazy South American chicken dish that was strikingly similar to Watson's famous BBQ chicken.