Saturday, January 03, 2009

Thanksgiving kitchen-a-thon

although it was just Dave and I in Brooklyn for thanksgiving, we still managed to cook nearly all weekend. I recently, gratefully acquired a friend's Tassajara Bread Book which is by far the best bread book I've encountered (introduced to me by Brigette's Open High baking class!) for beginners and experienced bakers alike. Although the recipes require significant patience and all-day rising - they're worth it.
Although im pretty sure this glass bowl from ikea will break every time i use it (so far, many years later, it still hasn't) it's awesome for showing off the airy rise of this whole wheat dough. According to Tassajara this is because we used a starter and kneaded it till, as Brigette would say, it was smooth like a baby's butt.

This oat-molasses bread was just what we were craving and went great with the pear-apple butter.

The pie crust above was filled by dave with a banana cream pie. I'd never baked just a pie shell before - it's not the prettiest, but it did taste good! (Especially filled with pie!)

also on the cooking list for the weekend - yeast starter, and later the beer-to-be for a Red Lager (turned ale since we don't have lagering ability) - here's the mash:

also on the thxeating menu: mashed potatoes+carrots, and 'celebration roast' with delicious vegetarian gravy.

gravy makes everything good.


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