Friday, January 02, 2009

September - Delicious Monster Fruit

at work, i get a pic mail from dave that says: 'I bought us a delicious monster.' fearfully, i look this monster up online. it's weird. i'm afraid. it's at my house. and it's shedding it's skin.

Monstera Deliciosa or Mexican Breadfruit is the fruit of a split-leaf philodendron, native to Central America. It's covered in green, vaguely poisonous scales which must be allowed to fall of on their own. (So, in addition to having a monster in your house, you must wait patiently for it to be ready to be eaten so it won't injure you). The monster sat shedding & emitting a funky odor on our counter for a few days. That weekend, Dave deemed to ready to eat and cut into it....

you know me, i'm an adventurous eater, but i'm having flashbacks to durian and thinking, am I really up for this?

Dave flicked off the scales ready to fall and cut a slice. Its smells okay, vaguely tropical and citrusy. he bites into it, i'm poised with camera for reaction shot (& phone for poison control) and.... he likes it!

okay. my turn. im skeptical. the black flecks remind me of the myth of black seeds in bananas being tarantula eggs, but i am bold. i bite, and... yeah, its okay. kinda like banana+pineapple, only with kernels, somewhat like corn. it'd probably be a good addition to a fruit salad. there's big seeds in it which are a surprise. the back of my throat is a little tingly. I've eaten it and i lived. the other half rots in the fridge. sorry.

another exciting day in eating, another strange thing from the produce aisle eaten. but, probably not again.


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