Monday, October 23, 2006

breakdancing godzilla is my new friend + honey is awesome.

i'm a blog-monster now. i can't fucking stop. is there a support group for people addicted to blogging? ok yes, the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery. well, I hope it won't get to this point. i think i like nature too much for that.

but in the meantime. i started a new group-blog for all things anyone wants to post. everyone should join it or check it out at you will be entertained.

speaking of nature: i went apple picking with conner & ben & dave this weekend and it was great. a gorgeous day on a hill-top orchard. you too can visit this hill top orchard - Hartland Orchard. I bought honey with a comb in it (even thou i have 3 different kinds of honey from 3 different countries already). The 10-year-old girl selling the honey was amazing and probably is the only reason I bought the honey. She showed us the best way to look at the comb in the jar and she noticed that the monster on Dave's shirt matched almost exactly the monster she'd drawn on a pumpkin on her stand. She will grow up to be fabulous & weird, and that is how a girl should be. Way to go little lass!


eric m. said...

When you say "that's what I look for in a youn'un" I get an icky feeling down in my private spaces... No, really.

VideoRose said...

oh no! thats not what I meant at all! damn!

matt said...

honey IS awesome.