Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I rock harder than joan jett

it's big talk I know, but having seen her perform last night, i think it's true. Even with wisdom-teeth-extraction jaw pain, having worked all day (more or less), and the out too late on a school night feeling, I am more RnR that she is. Granted, I'm not wearing skin-tight leather pants, but i was still lookin' hot.

i mean, come on Joan, are you the same girl from the Runaways? I can see it's still in you but you've got to let it shine. Rock it out at least a little! You claim to love rock n roll, but I think i love it more than you. and I don't even tour! I'm pretty glad you're out & happy about your queer-itude, and good for you, you should be! but you've gotta do one of two things:
if you're going to tour as the Black Hearts, with boys in tight tight pants and all the punk posturing, you've got to bring it. You've got to not even imply that you might be using a recording to back up your own vocals (yep) and your new album should at least try to have the same raw energy as the early stuff. and YOU should have some raw energy. I know you're probably pushing 40, but old folks can rock, too. 40 could be the new 16 if you're drunk & limber enough!
OR - and this is a valid option, too -
you've got to be Joan Jett and the Helicopters, JJ & the Bear, Fancy Joan and the Pants or something, and embrace your new softer side. you can still have the tight-pantsed boys, the vinyl top and still play the old songs YOU want to play, but the new moniker allows you to have a new identity, which you clearly want, that involves songs about feelings, the trans community, and a little less ass-kicking.

My final gripe - don't rush thru 'I Love Rock N Roll.' im sorry you don't want to play it anymore, but thats what I (& everyone else) came to see.

So that's my plea. Don't coast on the dreams of the old punks like me with the BlackHearts name. If i had paid for this show, this rant would be twice as long....

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D. said...

OK, so I'm a bit slow at this (sent you email rather than a post). But I did like your commentary on Joan Jett. You DO rock, girl!